Navigating the Crypto Finder

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The Crypto Finder has numerous screens to choose from:
  • CSI Status — choose cryptos that are in the green (healthy), yellow (cautionary), or red (stopped-out) status.
  • CSI Trend — select cryptos that are trending up, down, or sideways.

CSI status and trend

  • Newsletter Recommendations — choose if you want to see results from your newsletters.

newsletter recommendations

You can also select the newsletters that you’d like to view. Simply select them from the list.

select newsletters

  • VQ Range — choose your VQ range. Remember, the higher the number, the higher the volatility.

VQ range

  • Kinetic VQ Ratio — choose the Kinetic VQ range. This represents the pent up energy in the cryptocurrency.

kinetic vq ratio

  • Latest Price — the price that you’re comfortable with. This is based on intraday pricing.

latest price

  • Quote Currency — select the currency pair that you’d like to view

select quote currency

  • Sort Results — choose how you’d like to sort your results.

sort results

Click Calculate Results to see your results.

We’ll provide you the following information:
  • Ticker
  • CSI
  • VQ
  • Average VQ
  • VQ Ratio
  • Volume
  • Latest Price
  • 52 Week High
  • 1 year change percent
  • 3 year change percent